Click on the above link to check out the official video advertisement for tomorrow afternoon’s Hohner Porch Party, with clips of last year’s event!

The full schedule is up, so now you can plan your visit! We’ve got a few friends playing the HAPP this year, so if you’ve got the time, stop by a little earlier to see a few of the other stellar acts.

We play with Onion Honey at 15 Hohner. Next Saturday at 6pm! Don’t be late - it’ll be a short (but sweet) set!

Hey there folkies!

We hope you’re getting excited, ‘cause we Spokes are going to be playing this year’s Hohner Porch Party with our pals Onion Honey! Get excited for some old time music and general merriment.

Find us at 15 Hohner Avenue in Kitchener at 6pm on May 31st, and bring your dancin’ shoes!

If you missed our show last week at Cafe Pyrus, you can have a listen here. It was a bit of a disorganized set on our part, but a fun night nonetheless!

Find the entire set in a nice little playlist at the link above.

Track 1: Stuck (Here And There)
Joey Bell - Tenor Ukulele
Michelle Horel - Flute

Track 2: Snuff [Slipknot cover]
Joey Bell - Tenor Ukulele, Vocals
Michelle Horel - Flute

Track 3: Unstuck
Michelle Horel - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Joey Bell - Double Bass

Track 4: Get Away
Joey Bell - Tenor Ukulele, Vocals
Michelle Horel - Electric Guitar, Vocals

Track 5: No (I Will Not Smile For You)
Michelle Horel - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Joey Bell  - Double Bass
Emily Pittman - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Kristin Jones -

Track 6: Superhero
Michelle Horel - Banjolele, Vocals
Joey Bell - Double Bass/Ukulele/Percussion

Come join us one week from today at Cafe Pyrus in Kitchener for Folk, Roots, Stew.

We have been working on some new material that we’re excited to share with you. A few friends will be joining us to perform a new song Michelle wrote about gendered violence. Ain’t nothin’ better than a good collaboration between friends!

And hey, if you won’t come for the music, you’ve gotta at least come for the stew. Last year at the second annual Folk, Roots, Stew we just couldn’t get enough! Delicious!

Here’s a little audio sample from the String Theory video recording session we did a few months back. Sounds like our positions in relation to our microphones wasn’t perfect, but it’s nice to have some recordings of our stuff, even if it is a little breathy!

Heyyy we just finished filming and recording for the next edition of the String Theory concerts (

Man, was it hot in that little studio! Lotsa lights and warm bodies in a small place have a tendency to do that. Great experience, though. A few minor mishaps, but overall it was a pretty good set. Some of our songs were probably the best we’ve ever played ‘em! And ain’t you lucky. You’ll get to watch and listen to them. Some editing has to take place before we’re able to share the final product, so it may be a while. We’re shaking with excitement to see it all done and ready, so we know how you must feel, but you’ve gotta be patient! Soon enough, friends.

In the mean time, check out some of the previous artists in the String Theory series! These people do good work :)

Have a little listen to the new album from our friend, The Vaudevillian. If you listen closely you can even hear us Spokes on a few tracks! Good Golly we’ve got a great community.

Our show at The Little Bean on Friday was amazing! What a supportive audience! We’ve got the greatest friends.

Here’s a little sample of the night’s work. Unfortunately we weren’t able to capture video of the whole set, but here you can see a little preview of the kind of stuff we’re working on right now. We’ve been playing around with some instrumental jams. This bad boy features a new instrument for the Spokes - a flute!

Apologies for the video quality. It’s the best that can be expected in a dark venue with just your average digital camera. It’s one of the first videos we’ve seen of us playing, so we’re still pretty stoked about it.

If you make it out to one of our shows, feel free to bring out your camera and take photos and/or video. We love having our art documented so we can watch ourselves improve and grow as artists.

Thanks for your support! We love you!

If you’re looking for a fun activity for the upcoming Friday the 13th, look no further! It’s the debut show for our friends, Eris, and we hope to have at least one new Spokes original to bring out for you.

Come on out to the Little Bean Coffee Bar beside Ziggy’s Cycle at the corner of King and Victoria. S’gonna be a blast!